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June 8, 2008
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Pain-VK couples-Spoilers ch29+ by lenlen46 Pain-VK couples-Spoilers ch29+ by lenlen46
ShikixRima- Where have you gone?
She didn't know what was going on. Why he was acting o unlike himself, why he seemed colder, scarier. All she knew that it wasn't-couldn't-really be Shiki...

ZeroxYuuki-Tears and Bloodlust
He was in pain. His bloodlust was driving him to insanity and she knew that he hated himself for it. He always hated vampires, and now what? He was one. Everytime she let him quench his thirst for blood she could feel his self-hate. She could feel how much pain he was in. And the more he felt it, the more she wanted to breakdown and cry for him.

KainxRuka-No need to cry anymore
He knew she yearned for him, he knew she wished that he would be the one to dry her tears. He tried ignring it at first, yet he always broke down and helped comfort her. He never thought she found it of much importance though. Yet one day she came to him and said Kaname would never be able to make her smile as well as he could.

YorixAidou-How can I compare?
When she was younger, she could have never imagined the mess she would get herself into. Falling in love with a vampire! Hanabusa Aidou at that! At first she had turned him down countless times, yet the little persistent bug ended up getting her to agree. Now things have changed, she knew his parents didn't accept her. He was an arisocratic vampire for God's sake! What was she? Just a mere human girl. How could she compare to those other girls? Those other beautiful, aristocratic, vampire girls. Yet the first day she met his parents, there were two things that had helped comfort her. One was the fact that Aidou looked intent on murdering anyone who looked at her the wrong way. The second was that in the end, she really didn't give a damn what they thought...

Phew, finally done! These are my four favorite Vampire Knight couples. It took about a total of about 2:30 hours to draw and about 1:30-2:00 hours to color. Yeah, as you can see there are still lots of mistakes and I didn't bother inking it. :shrug:

The first couple (ShikixRima) is in refrence to the fact that Rido is actually in Shiki's body for his evil purposes. And Rima, like in the manga, notices. Come on you have to love how she comfronts "Shiki" in the manga about it and yells at the real Shiki and Shiki tries. It was sweet. :) There's actually a good fanfiction on this too: [link]

The second couple (ZeroxYuuki) well, do i really need to explain THIS one? I just love this couple. 'Nuff said. For a good story based on the manga! XD

The third couple (KainxRuka) is based on the fact that Ruka lovees/likes Kaname yet Kaname doesn't return those feelings. It's really obvious that Kain cares about her. Remember the confrontation? :D For a good fanfiction based on it: [link]

The kast couple (YorixAidou) is based on...well....nothing. XD They've only just "met" (Aidou and Yuuki end up saving her from a Level E vampire) Yet you gotta admit they'd be one AWESOME couple. Can't you just see Yori turning him down coutnless times and Aidou's dumbstruck expression? At first I wanted to do something funny-yet it didn't fit with all the angst, so I created an angst scenario for them. Here's a good fanfic for them: [link]

Well, that's it. XD

EDIT: No Matter What by YenGirl (the Aidou Yori ff) has been changed to rated M for smut.

If you get uncomfortable with that, you can either not read the story (but it's a good story so...) or you can just skip those parts, which, personally, is what I do so I can read the story without being slightly disturbed.
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crimsonSnowWhite09 Dec 12, 2012  Student General Artist
I like Aidou and Yori pairing! x) nice one!
MeteorLeopard May 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome! These are my exact favourite pairings too! Aidori included! I'm posting one of them actually since I think there are WAY too little of them around, hehe. I love your art, it's really beautiful!
Aw! Thank you so much! I appreciate the compliment a lot. :D Sad to say I've basically stopped following this series though so I have no clue how the fandom's been or what's happened in the story-line...
EnzanBlues456 Jan 29, 2011  Student Digital Artist
OMG!! I actually love ALL those pairings you drew. :heart::love::iconilavplz: And I also love how you
drew them. >w<

LOL Why I love those pairings:
1st: ZeroxYuuki - It's very obvious why. Angsty and cute at the same time LOL. (Remember the first few episodes of VK?) And they're definitely meant for each other. :la:
2nd: ShikixRima - They suit each other 'cause they act like each other. And I've always loved the fact that Rima shoves food(especially Pocky LOL) on Shiki's mouth. :heart:
3rd: KainxRuka - Kain likes Ruka and it's pretty obvious. He even invited her for a dance even though he knew that she would decline in some way. >//w//< (Or should I say he wanted Ruka to dance with him? 8D )

Well, this is actually the first time I encountered AidouxYori. xD But I'd love to join the bandwagon. :la:
Well on behalf of me, myself, and I, I think you can hop onto the AidouxYori wagon ;P

EnzanBlues456 Feb 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Weee!! *flails* :iconwoohooplz:

ZEKI FOREVER!!!!!!!:love:They need to be together!!!!Zero needs to be happy!Come on Matsuri Hino, do your magic here and get them together already!:fingerscrossed:Its obvious they are perfect for each other:boogie:

Good job with the drawings and i liked how you had a story to eachone of them..I am going to go and read the fics you suggested!=D
I AGREE! The second I saw their interactions I was like "that's a couple"

And thanks :)
You have just caused me to go all AidouxYori! o.o
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